17 April – May 5 2007: Deane Sobey – Out of Mind, Into Place


Gallery 2

Out of Mind, Into Place is an eclectic collection of ambiguous narratives. Through the unconventional use of painting and drawing Deane Sobey amalgamates the styles of Japanese manga, surrealist automatic writing and grafitti into his medium scale images.

The paintings make use of high key colour palettes including lurid pinks, fluorescent blues and iridescent yellows. The palette is concurrently kitsch, unnatural, acidic and yet harmonious, evoking the idea of an artificial space. The hierarchy and focal point of the work shifts constantly and organically in an unexpected way, adding to the multifaceted complex reading.

By layering the narratives within an image Sobey investigates the balance between the rational and irrational, the logical and illogical, the tangible and intangible. is his fifth solo exhibition in Melbourne.

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