16 October – 2 November 2013: Claire Mooney – A Slow Swarm Across the Surface


Gallery 2

In A slow swarm across the surface hypnagogic shapes unfurl amongst clouds of sampled text, layering and intersecting over the surfaces of the artworks to create new forms and figures. The exhibition explores the concept of incidental abstraction, using found fragments that collide in colour-coded arrangements.

Common to all works is a processing of information, both visual and textual. These processes translate samples of text and image; distancing segments from their sources; emptying them out and reconfiguring them. Text is used to generate coloured patterns through a process of pseudo-encryption; 13 colours for 26 letters. Splinters of words are enlarged and transferred to the surface, only to be redacted; rhythmically erased by ‘coded’ paint.

The artworks weave together what is, and what isn’t left behind, shifting between the negative and positive, moving between purely optical depth and a shallow sculptural relief. They reveal themselves and their own mechanics and correspondences of making, yet remain elusive. The transparency of making, the revealed processing system, strains against a visual abundance and the ambiguity of multiple shapes and surfaces.