16 March – 02 April: Cut and Press (Group Show)


Cut and Press is a contemporary array of mixed up bits – artists’ proofs, happy accidents and superb printmaking outcomes, and harried matrices of spilling picture planes.

The old and the new feature – mixed media, lithography, ancient techniques and the Twentieth Century cut up – made by student artists of today, baby boomers and an esteemed artist born between the Wars, around the time that Dadaists gave to history the art of the collage.

Benjamin Phillips Nozdrachev

Ellen Yeong Gyeong Son

Helen Kocis Edwards

Lauren Di Lorenzo

Isabel Davies

Penelope Le Petit

Paul Compton

Debbie Mourtzios

Robyn Dansie

Kelly Sullivan

Kera Lukies

Badra Aji

Liz Faul

to download the Cut and Press catalogue, click here