16 June – 4 July 2004: Marina Campbell – Out of the Wood


Gallery 2

Marina Campbell’s works on paper are expressive and lively.  You can sense the energy expended in the process of producing this body of work.  Initially these woodcuts began with the intention of expressing the challenges of parenting.  Capturing, with humour, the frustration of those times when even small daily events get sidetracked, often rendering a parent bewildered and exasperated.

As her work progressed the narrative and figurative elements became less important.  The need to control the image melted away,  and the natural grain of the wood and random mark making took over.  Fascinated with what could be achieved from a simple piece of plywood, Campbell has scratched, drilled and gouged her way through this second stage of work.

The result is a body of work that is full of energy and vitality.  Marina Campbell is a Melbourne based artist and has several exhibitions to her credit.