16 August – 3 September 2005: Panayiota Gogos


Gallery 3

Prints and Drawings is an eclectic collection of Panayiota Gogos’ recent small scale works.  Gogos uses layers of soft, buttery oil pastels, Indian ink, paint and oil sticks to build her images.  Her palette consists of neutral colours with flashes of green, blue, yellow and red.

They are an investigation into Melbourne’s urban environment.  Referencing universal symbols employed by monks, poets and artists, she has developed her own visual metaphors.  Icons of the unglorified streetscape collide with the detritus of its populace.  The result is an ethereal and bold investigation into the mind of an urban alchemist.  The canvases are quiet and dark.  The simplicity of composition and inherent balance of objects elude to the isolated and bleak.

Gogos strives to comprehend the landscape and its inhabitants.  The work acknowledges that Melbourne’s urban environment is constantly changing as its inhabitants reassess their axioms and beliefs.  Gogos draws together the truisms of previous centuries into the structured truths of today.     

Gogos was born and raised in inner Melbourne.  She has studied and lived in regional Victoria.  Since returning to Melbourne in 2004 she has exhibited her work in group and solo shows.  This is her first solo exhibition at red gallery.