15 August – 2 September 2006: Nicholas Kallincos


Gallery 1

Having worked for a number of years as a researcher in the biological sciences, Nicholas Kallincos’ image making has filtered through a scientific platform. His resulting exhibition growth axis is concerned with the clinical aspects of the human experience.

Kallincos explores how one navigates the real world with the imagined world and how cognitive decisions are informed by perceptions, intuitions and faith.

The struggle between the rational and irrational, the ordered and chaotic, and the sensible and absurd are all played out within the works. Each image poses a metaphorical puzzle concerning the myriad of ways that time shapes patterns of being and leads us from one moment to another.

The viewer bounces between subjects and objects, actions and inanity.  Images plot along an x and y axis and segmented formulas hold the answers to unposed questions. The result is a collection of beautifully unpredictable paintings.