14 – 31 January 2015: Intersection – The Art of Motherhood

GALLERY  1, 2+3:


FEATURING:  Anna Taylor, Jessica Tremp, Katie Langmore, Lisa Sewards, Lily-Mae Martin, Marzena Wasikowska, Michelle Ferreira, Olivia Pintos-Lopez, Paola Del Rio, Rachel Power, Sarina Lirosi and Susie Dureau.

To become a mother is to step over a chasm into a new world, full of extreme emotions, ambivalence and contradictions. Stripped raw, and with less time than ever,  we find our creative practices — which once relied on solitude and introspection — flounder amid our new responsibilities and priorities. Some women find their practice evolves and motherhood brings new elements to their work; that the vulnerability, pain, deep love and dilemmas they experience breathe new life into their art. From the moment our children are born, our relationship with ourselves and with the world are irrevocably changed.

This exhibition presents work that explicitly responds to the artists’ experience of motherhood.