13 October – 30 October 2010: Kate Zizys + Kim McDonald – Hive


Gallery 2

Kate Zizys and Kim McDonald are Gippsland-based artists who have worked in proximity to each other for the past six years. Hive is their first collaborative exhibition. It features prints, installations and drawings that engage with ideas of hive-mentalities and ‘drone space’ through the shared motif of bees.

Kim McDonald: ‘There is a hive in a tree outside my studio. I can see the honey-laden comb through the hive’s mouth and the seething stream that is formed by the bees’ day-to-day rhythmic activity. I liken the bees to travelers, who are able to pass seamlessly between interior and exterior worlds. Hive as a concept connects to my fascination with boundaries and how they are transgressed; where they leak and bleed into other spaces. I aim to demonstrate these ideas by creating immersive installation environments with sensory affect.’

Kate Zizys: ‘The Hive strikes a deal with El Diablo and turns inward. It is a strict and regimented affair. The Priestess is under house arrest and speaks to no-one. Vast investments of Hive resources are used to establish small flower farms on the outskirts of the salt ponds. Particular grasses are employed to filter the wetlands, basalt chips purify the water, artificial light heats the area. Lilys and lotus grow, turtles and frogs are sprung from the soil. The sick and the despondent are disappeared to fertilise the flower garden. There are no elections. The Hive is in total agreement.’ (excerpt from Drone Space, 2010)