13 November – 1 December: 2007 RMIT Photography Department Graduates

How The Light Gets In

2007 RMIT Photography Department Graduates

How the light gets in is an exhibition of work fresh from the 2007 RMIT Fine Art Photography graduates.  The work investigates an eclectic mix of contemporary issues. From observations on the new Australian vista to addressing concerns in contemporary feminism, the images are raw yet sophisticated.

Mandy Warr web

Mandy Warr

Whilst diverse in their subject matter, the 2007 graduates are representative of a new breed of contemporary photography. With a focus on conceptual and theoretical investigation, coupled with a commitment to technical proficiency, the exhibiting students are primed to launch into Melbourne’s contemporary art arena.

Olle Holmberg web

Olle Holmberg

The RMIT Fine Art Photography degree has a long history within the Melbourne art scene. Its founder, Les Walking, a current lecturer, established the Centre for Contemporary Photography.

Clare Rae web

Clara Rae

Sophie Alcorn web

Sophie Alcorn