13 June – 1 July 2006: Naomie Sunner – Give Up Today


Gallery 1

Naomie Sunner’s multiple self portraits see her playing the corporate high flyer bound by ergonomic chairs, computers and folios. The characters have been extracted from their corporate environment, yet earnestly they strive on, oblivious to their surrounds. An ensuing urban Fight Club is battled out in the dense scrub of the Australian wilderness.

Give up today… (for the sake of tomorrow) questions the work ethic in today’s consumer society. The conversation opener of “What do you do?” identifies who we are. The type of work we do defines out status within society and our allocated amount of self-esteem. An individual is determined to have inherently failed if they are unable to live off their chosen profession. As our culture reaches past postmodernism Sunner sees our work place as situated in the depths of modernity.

Give up today… at red gallery coincides with Sunner’s use of local billboards on Punt Rd in Richmond and St Georges Road in Fitzroy North (opposite red gallery).  The result is a broad spectrum infiltration of visual outlets. Sunner has taken the corporate consumer work phenomenon for a Picnic at Hanging Rock, only this time all of the characters have diligently returned to base.

The images were created at the properties of the Bundanon Trust. It was during her residency that Sunner succumbed to her own workaholic tendencies, and industriously created the four characters from her sewing machines and herself.

Sunner is currently completing her MFA at the Victorian College of Fine Arts. She has exhibited extensively throughout Victoria and was recently awarded a City of Yarra Arts and Cultural Development Grant.

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