13 February – March 3 2007: Sussi Ross – Pretty Vacant


Gallery 1

Pretty Vacant centres on the human subject watching television.   Caught in the light of the television the viewer loses all self awareness as they turn on, tune in and drop out. The subject blankly returns a vacant stare to the television proving Timothy Leary’s concept of passive reception alive and well 10 years after his death.

For the loaded content of Ross’s drawings, the figure in each image remains honest, familiar and domestic beneath the glow of the screen. Ross has captured a vacant yet concentrated expression, readily seen on any TV viewers face, yet rarely watched.

These vacant stares are captured by the artist as large scale drawings on paper using chinagraph and lithograph pencils, oil paint, pastel and graphite.

Sussi Ross graduated from the Victorian College of the Arts in 2000. She has exhibited extensively throughout Melbourne since graduating. She currently works as a courtroom portrait artist in Richmond.