13 February – March 3 2007: Louise Gresswell – A New Beautiful You


Gallery 1

a new beautiful you neurotically inquires into society’s increasing obsession with youth, beauty and the flawless image. Louise Gresswell has mesmorisingly stitched into the painted canvas. Superficial phrases such as “one size fits all” and “a new you” weep indelibly through the paint.

Salvation through perfection can be found in the smiling faces of the clinically dressed, coiffed and perfumed consultants of department stores. However, beneath the spray and bake and the 2 kilograms of lipstick consumed in a lifetime lies a defective line of thinking. Each of Gresswell’s canvases is a made to order neurosis revealing the flaws and obsessions beneath this quest for superficial perfection.

Each heavily glossed canvas surface hangs like a mirror on the gallery wall. The viewer is left peering into the painting and staring back at themselves. It might be time for a slide past the Lancôme counter of excellence for a quick reputty and gloss…

Louise Gresswell is a full time artist living in Melbourne. She holds an honours degree from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. She has exhibited both internationally and locally. This is Gresswell’s second solo exhibition at red gallery.