13 February – March 3 2007: Anna Cameron – War Games


Gallery 3

War Games: A Journey of Innocence is a narrative photographic exhibition. The gallery reads, from left to right, like a children’s story book.  Like many children’s games and stories, this is a gruesome tale which ends with a simple case of winners and losers.

Games and toys are used by society to socialize its young.  It is often during a child’s ‘game’ that the innocence of childhood first meets the potential for fear and terror.  The domain in which children experience such challenges, is the area in which Anna Cameron conducts her research.

Cameron’s photographs have the feel of a war movie, but the inclusion of toy soldiers unnerves the viewer, and the addition of macabre subtitles and comments on current events adds to the discomfort.

This is Anna Cameron’s first solo exhibition since graduating from RMIT in 2006.