13 August – 30 August 2014: Gitanjali Chetty – North of North


North of North is a series about change.

Photographer Gitanjali Chetty spent four weeks camped on the frozen sea ice on Eclipse Sound a few hours komatik ride from Pond Inlet, a small hamlet in the northern most inhabitable area of Baffin Island, Canada.

Struck by how quickly the landscape changed and how different it looked as it bared the weight of storms, tides, wind and the sun Chetty spent her weeks on the ice capturing the changing ocean landscape as it melted into the Davis Strait. The result is an enchanting series of photographs that highlight the vulnerability of this immense landscape.

Chetty is a commercial and fine art photographer who shoots for large retail clients while also pursuing her own personal projects. She uses large and medium format cameras and colour negative film. When constructing photographs she looks for simplicity and balance and uses a minimalistic approach. She won the ‘Rising Star Award’ from RMIT University 2008.