12 February – 29 February 2004: Louisa Jenkinson – The Walrus and the Bidet


Gallery 2

Large scale charcoal drawings wrap the gallery in “the Walrus and the Bidet” where highly rendered realism plays with simple silhouette.

Each drawing connects through the horizon line to create a bizarre  landscape.  A polar bear watches a man seductively feed a woman strawberries on top of a dishwasher.  A lingerie model takes an iron for a walk.  There is a garden gnome in the bathroom and Lara Flynn Boyle cuts a dashing figure in a tutu.

All the facts are given but nothing is revealed.  The viewer is left to ponder a bellowing walrus and the domestic bliss of an Asko washing machine.

Since the kitchen sink is included all that is missing is Donna Hay and David Attenborough to interpret the wild domestiscape.