12 February – 29 February 2004: Fiona Cabassi – Flocked

Fiona Cabassi

Gallery 3

A sense of suspended trepidation hangs over Flocked, the latest series of paintings by Fiona Cabassi, on show at red gallery from 12th to 29th February.

Like Cabassi’s previous works, scenes are captured on irregular shapes, where stories and landscapes seem boundless, infinite. Sometimes playful, often impending, her latest paintings delve further into the disordered frames of the subconscious.

The scenes float above time and space, with the paintings suspended from the gallery ceiling. In Flocked, Cabassi has created a series of mysterious and dreamy landscapes… where trees grapple with wind, and birds fly in the face of fear, while figures tread anxiously into space and peer over the abyss, confronted with the gravity of dilemma.

A Melbourne-based artist, Cabassi’s artworks carry a rich illustrative quality, and have previously included works using textiles, multimedia and animation. Flocked is Fiona Cabassi’s fifth solo exhibition.