12 April – 1 May 2005: Naomi Pitts


Gallery 3

The arborescent silhouettes of ‘dusk’ quietly exude a foreboding presence from the canvas. Naomi Pitts has stripped the post-colonial backyard down to its post-apocalyptic reality.  The hyper-real colours reflect our genetically altered seasons.  Autumn is not brown any more, and summer might be a light charged yellow or a heavily hazed pink.

Inspired by her travels to South East Asia, Pitts has created a unique visual language.  The suburban Australian backyard has been infused with Ang Lee’s aesthetic.  The result is an urban myth captured in stasis between breaths.  The silhouette’s flat mechanical surface corrupts the romantic notion of paint.  The viewer is left with the quiet serenity of a naked painting.

Pitts is a recent graduate fromRMIT and was a finalist for the prestigious 2005 Metro5 Award.