12 April – 1 May 2005: Ken Wentworth + Cathy Daly


Ken Wentworth

Gallery 2

Celebrity faces go under the knife.  Ghoulish and freakish, Wentworth’s images are sideshow alley bright.  With cutting wit and slick brush Ken Wentworth’s ‘Poparazzi Series’ takes media images into the art world and strips them bare.  Wentworth exposes our obsession with fame, and the famous, while exploring the many ways in which celebrities strive to reinvent themselves.


Cathy Daly

By contrast, Cathy Daly reinvents space.  Her images are toned down, quiet and carefully constructed.   Playing with scale, and delicately layered planes of vision, Daly creates depth and an illusionary space for us to inhabit.

Both artists are undertaking a study of the illusionary.  Repositioning their subjects into a new context, enabling new perspectives of meaning to emerge from the dialogue with their work.