11 November – 28 November 2009: Penny Parkinson + Romany Glover – I was, I am


Gallery 2

Stockinged legs dangle from the ceiling, and plywood pixels scatter the walls.  Everyday materials are dissected and reassembled to become secret codes whispering from timber grain and nylon.  I was, I am is an exhibition of recent work by Romany Glover and Penny Parkinson. Penny reworks stockings into new forms that explore elements of what it means to be human. Romany is fascinated with the texture and surface of humble objects. What I was is not what I am.

Penny’s soft sculptures embrace textiles, women’s arts and everyday objects as points of inspiration.  Romany’s art making process involves the design and assembly of many individual timber pieces into large compositions that delight in the simplicity of random marks and natural textures. Penny was recently awarded the Australian Academy of Design / Toyota Community Spirit Emerging Sculpture Award (2009).  This is Penny and Romany’s first collaborative exhibition.