11 November – 28 November 2009: ADAM DOUGLASS – … And the Gods Made Blue (part II)

adam douglass

Gallery 3

…and the Gods made Blue is a painted installation that consumes  the rear space at red gallery. A droplet of solid light intrudes from the window frame, surrounded by a panorama of blue paintings. The science-fiction imagery oozes heavy paint; some canvases are pocked with holes stitched and re-stitched to build up scarred surfaces. Alien figures gather around a bizarre incursion from another realm …

Crossing the borders of painting, sculpture and site specific work, Adam Douglass’ practice explores the dichotomies of transcendence and the apocalypse through space, colour and form, while seeking potential new avenues to engage the spectator. This exhibition is an extension of his previous project in an abandoned house in Brunswick in 2009, in which ‘malibu blue’ protrusions invaded and consumed an entire home.

Adam Douglass is a New-Zealand born artist who has undertaken numerous group, solo and time-based projects in Dunedin, Auckland, Christchurch and also Perth. This is his first gallery-based exhibition in Melbourne.