11 August – 28 August 2010: Sally Darlison – Long Socks


Gallery 3

Longs Socks is an exploration of both the similarities and differences in three codes  football: Soccer, Rugby Union and Australian Rules. In each of these sports there are identifying marks linking each to the tribe and then individual teams. The types of cheers, songs, and names given to certain moves are distinguishing differences that promote a sense of belonging to the tribe. Whilst each player wears a uniform of shirt, shorts and socks, there are slight differences in style, fabric and colours. However, in all three of these sports the team players wear long socks.

The artwork consists of lino prints on paper and silk with collaged elements including knitted socks, maps of the grounds, rules and first aid instructions.

Sally Darlison is a Melbourne based visual artist working in print and collage.  Her works are included in collections in Australia and overseas.