11 August – 28 August 2010: Marita Kelly + Belinda Lane – Binding Memories


Gallery 2

This exhibition features limited edition and unique state prints by each artist, as well as collaboratively produced works on paper. The title Binding Memories invokes a sense of woven time and a re-connection with the past. In some of these works, the tactile layering of patterned surfaces and  tonal imprints mirrors the complex entanglements of memory and recollection.

As Marita Kelly and Belinda Lane have noted, ‘It is the tranquillity and balance of our community, family and home that is to be captured. Like rummaging through an old childhood suitcase and taking out objects of affection, rekindling the emotional connection that is still there after many years.  The foundation of these memories, the absorption of our environment, created the people we are today.’

Marita Kelly and Belinda Lane are Melbourne-based artists. This is their first collaborative exhibition together.