11 April – 29 April 2006: Linda Pickering – New Works


Gallery 1

Linda Pickering’s new paintings are an exploration of executed decisions. As a line is followed and a form constructed there is an infinite number of choices that need to be made.

Pickering explores the aesthetic variations possible in the context of abstract painting. Using the basic elements of line, shape and colour, each painting develops in a random, yet orderly way.


Her reference points are biology and the landscape.  Pickering is interested in the random, yet orderly patterns that emerge from the biological world viewed through a microscope  (Pickering was once a scientist).  Patterns within landscape are another phenomenon which Pickering explores.


Combining her interest in both areas provides the foundation of  Pickerings work. The process starts with simple line drawings and progresses to the building of shapes and forms.  The addition of colour adds to the number of decisions required and the endless number of potential outcomes. The result is a collection of playful paintings embracing the aesthetically sublime.

Linda Pickering studied at RMIT and now lives and works in Melbourne.