11 April – 29 April 2006: Claire Mooney + Sophy Reynolds – Minute Possibilities

Gallery 3

Minute Possibilities presents the work of two artists, each teasing out their own idiosyncratic connotations from formal geometric structures. Contemplating the significance of pattern and repetition in the context of the natural and the cultural, this exhibition explores ways in which abstraction can expand, and formalism can be extended.


Claire Mooney

Claire Mooney creates paintings and works on paper that explore abstraction as a process of encoding and encryption. Beginning with sections of text, she employs a variety of rules to translate and conceal information in coloured patterns that are mapped onto the surface of the canvas.


Claire Mooney

The finished work presents a message that is muffled, but not entirely voiceless, throwing out tiny clues in fragments of words that peep past the multi-coloured, secret-concealing ‘walls’ of code.


Sophy Reynolds

Using found objects and elements from the natural world, Sophy Reynolds creates delicate collages, drawings and paintings that explore the smallest moments of interference, dissolution and fragmentation. Operating from an intuitive centre inspired by Japanese and minimalist aesthetics, the meditative methods of her work explore pattern through its associations with the natural world, her process is reflective of a humanisation of geometry.


Sophy Reynolds