11 April – 29 April 2006: Annie Green – Traces

annie green image 3

Gallery 2

The hand written word has become disembodied by cyberspace. The scribbled personalised font of hand written text is in danger of becoming a nostalgic relic from a romantic period.  Annie Green dusts off long forgotten scripts and anthropologically explores their author.

From old notebooks, diaries and correspondence, words and letters have been found as discarded treasures.  It’s hard rubbish for today’s graphologist. Green has retraced these, hand written, found objects and now inTraces, they exist in their own right.


Intimate pages from handwritten recipe books of the 40’s and 50’s are enlarged and rearranged as multi panelled abstractions.  50 letter E’s have been selected from an autograph book from 1911 and now waft delicately across a canvas.  Through the structure and dynamics of these marks, traces of the previous authors emerge.

Annie Green studied at the Victorian College of the Arts. This is her first solo exhibition.