10 July – 28 July 2007: Rhiannon Slatter – Surface


Gallery 1

Through medium scale digital prints Rhiannon Slatter investigates the horizon line by overlaying lines, texture, colour and tone.

The horizon acts as both the base foundation and primary design element, becoming the point on which the balance of each composition hinges.   Horizons are usually identifiable, where land or water meets sky.  Slatter confounds the viewer with her seamless surfaces.  Her subtle horizon and playful manipulation of distance, leaves the viewer reaching deeply into the seascape, searching for a visual anchor point.


 Surface has an exquisite balance of line and colour. Each image hangs quietly in the gallery as a portal to a mysterious seascape where the existence of life is suggested through soft surface ripples and slow moving skies.

Rhiannon Slatter is a professional photographer. Her professional work has informed her current body of research with her meticulous selection of colours, paper and attention to the finest detail in the printing process. She graduated from RMIT in 2001 and since then her broad range of commercial photography is seen regularly in design books and magazines. This is her first solo exhibition at red gallery.