10 July – 28 July 2007: Regina Newey – Duck and Weave


Gallery 3

Socialization elicits certain instincts that play a significant and propelling role in human behaviors. Competitiveness and aggression are the outcomes of certain structured hierarchies imbedded in the child on the basis of gender. Regina Newey has created a body of work in response to this discourse.

By photographing and then enlarging detailed and pixilated images captured from television, Newey has frozen and deconstructed her subject. It is momentarily removed from its original context and dropped into the void of a microscope for analysis.


Duck and Weave exudes testosterone from the canvas as it leaks from pixilated bodies. Newey has extracted the essence of competition and virility. The raw male bucks and ruts with, and against, others of his clan. Muscles are flexed and a chest thrust forward as man-boys pit against each other.

Regina Newey is a Melbourne based artist. This is her first solo exhibition at red gallery.