10 July – 28 July 2007: Bevan Shepherd – Recent Works


Gallery 2

Bevan Shepherd’s recent works focus on the landscape and its subtle beauty. Images in this exhibition are derived from his immediate surroundings and a personal interpretation of his recent past.

Since the early 1970’s Shepherd’s work has investigated the manipulation of the environment by man. The resulting reorganisation of the natural and built environment flow through Shepherd’s medium scale paintings. Incorporated onto the canvas are symbolic representations of trees, rivers, roads, fences, subdivisions, and indigenous spirits.


The negative impact of European settlement on the natural environment is a predominant feature of the paintings however Shepherd has been able to depict the subtle beauty of man’s influence. Neat trees collude along chromatic picket fences, and meandering rivers mimic the horizon line of hills. Each image is almost a Lego scene of an industrialized forest. However beneath the lollipop trees the canvas challenges the viewer to observe their negative footprint on planet earth.

Since studying at RMIT in 1971, Bevan Shepherd has exhibited his works extensively.