10 February – 27 February 2010: Andrew Treloar – A Figurative Relationship


Gallery 3

In these recent works, small figurines are placed on an indeterminate surface, their forms revealed but also kept partially transparent. A Figurative Relationship continues Treloar’s exploration of space and displacement in painted and drawn compositions. However, where previously there were only one or two figures inhabiting each mysterious space, new players now intrude; their incongruities inviting the viewer to deduce or invent strange narratives.  Unknown relationships hold each work at a point of tension.

Andrew Treloar’s background is in fashion design.   He has shown in group exhibitions at Chapel Off Chapel Gallery, Chapman and Bailey, St Luke, and the VCA.  He is currently undertaking postgraduate study at the faculty of the VCA and Music at Melbourne University while practicing art from his Melbourne studio.  This is his first solo exhibition.