1 September – 18 September 2010: The Collective – Re_Collection


The Collective are a group of seven artists who also all  work within museum environments. In this, their second collaborative exhibition, they present their  responses to aspects of memory, permanence and time through a  range of media including painting, printmaking, photography, sculpture and installation.

Museologists mange time. They are in the business of preserving the past, and caretaking for the future. By placing and cataloguing items within an acid-free, climate-controlled environment, cultural collections are put into stasis. Time becomes cyclical, oscillating between life and death, as objects are brought to light for observation and then returned to storage to minimise the naturally destructive forces of time.

Sarah Edwards tackles notions of status and reverence through the re-presentation of discarded objects, re-establishing their permanent place in memory.  Ben Healley photographically captures the fleeting, forgotten moments of a sleeping city, while Colleen Boyle examines the relationship between time and representation via the heavens. Rod Gray stirs up the memory of our subconscious with his paintings of dreamlike landscapes, whilst Lee-Anne Raymond depicts concepts of time and space via illusion and myth. Brendon Taylor tends a sculptural hand to our fragmented, personal memories, while Sarah Parker toys with ideas of transfiguring the ordinary, re-presenting it as a fragile ceramic object.

The Collective are a Melbourne-based artist’s group.