1 September – 18 September 2010: Mat Vaughan, Nick Hufton + Josie Backhouse – Colours


Stabbing a stick into goo and smearing it on a surface. Is that what painting is? What is a colour? How can anybody convey in words the crackle of two colours sitting together? Why is it that when you arrange abstract shapes in a collage of drawing and paint, the shapes seem to move into place by themselves? Why do our guts know how colours work when our heads don’t seem to have a clue?

This show is about light sensations; those ‘hues’; those things that ‘I can’t say what they are but I recognise ‘em when I see ‘em’: colours. Josie Backhouse, Nick Hufton and Mat Vaughan all use colours to communicate meaning in their paintings, drawings and artists’ books. Three different perspectives, three different uses of media. Josie, Nick and Mat would like to tell you how the colours work in their art, but they can’t really put it into words. The colours do it for them. 

Nick, Mat and Josie are all currently completing their studies in painting at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology.