1 October – 18 October 2008: Linda Erceg – Shadowlands


Shadowlands explores imagined landscapes and characters drawn from myth, legend and folktale. In Erceg’s images these are all transported in time through popular culture. Understanding the location of these stories as an expression of the collective unconscious they represent potent symbols,which resonate through time and across cultures. Shadowlands, uses contemporary plastic toys and hand-made paper models to embody such archetypal settings as forest, desert, mountain and ocean. The diorama constructs are then transformed into a series of digital prints, which highlight the dreamlike, illusory and cinematic quality of the images. These narratives are located in a psychologically constructed space at the interface of child and adult worlds; a space that is familiar but ultimately ambiguous in meaning.

Linda Erceg completed her Honours in Fine Art at the Hobart School of Art (Photography) in 1997 and a Masters in Media Arts at RMIT University in 2000, and is currently enrolled in the PhD program at RMIT University, where her research is centered on the meaning of the contemporary toy. Erceg currently teaches in the Visual Arts Department at RMIT University.

Erceg has exhibited nationally and internationally.