1 October – 18 October 2008: Claire Busuttil Bridge – Beyond Belief

Busuttil_Bridge_seeing_ you-b

Claire Busuttil Bridge, known for the sensuous and impeccable realism of her figurative paintings as seen in this year’s Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and as winner of the Portia Geach Memorial Award’ People’s Choice Award of 2007, now leaps out of the box in this new body of work, a solo show at red gallery.

‘Beyond Belief’ is a paradox. Busuttil Bridge’s text-based works are shimmering surfaces across which ripple text and verse.As if arising from somewhere other and simultaneously receding, words dance a Sufi’s whirling motion, coming into and fading out of focus.

These works challenge our perceptions by confronting the very nature of the paradox of seeing and the symbiotic relationship between art, artist and viewer in the process of creativity. Intentionally, these works at once confound and elucidate.

forget and remember501

Busuttil Bridge nudges at some fairly big ideas, leans philosophically into quantum mechanics’ entanglement theory, yet playfully and irreverently transforms these complexities into a visual poetry of such simplicity they can be likened to Zen koans.

Busuttil Bridge’s text works utilise materials such as brushed steel, vinyl, cast acrylic and chrome to form word ‘canvases’ alongside a series of ‘sculptural’ cuboid puzzle poems that the viewer is invited to interact with, solve or even further entangle. Inherent is an acknowledgement of the viewer’s intrinsic power to interpret, as participant in the creation of coherence in the works. Alongside these ‘new medium’ works, hang Busuttil Bridge’s intimate figurative oil paintings of delicious detail, vibrating with subtle emotional force or alternatively, playing with our field of visual perception.

With a  background in Sociolinguistics and sign language interpreting, these works merge Busuttil Bridge’s passion for the visual and for language whilst exploring the very nature of the interaction between the artist, art object and viewer.

What remains to be seen is beyond belief.

Para-dox latin derivation: ‘para’ meaning near, contrary to or beyond and ‘dox’ meaning opinion or belief. [Origin: 1530–40; < L paradoxum < Gk parádoxon, n. use of neut. of parádoxos unbelievable, lit., beyond belief.] ~Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1) Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2006.


For more images and information on the artist please visit  www.clairebusuttilbridge.com.