1 March – 19 March 2005: Deane Sobey – Mind Maps


Gallery 1

Deane Sobey’s images are a constellation of fragments of the artist’s life.  Using ink, acrylic and pen, Sobey records and documents everyday moments, events, and thoughts.

Employing automatic and observational drawing techniques that connect with mood, memory and the unconscious, Sobey’s images indicate slippages between the artist’s absolute experience and his response to that experience.

“Documenting my experience is important to me because it freezes fragments of my thoughts and feelings that only last a few minutes.  Working this way allows me to then contemplate the outcome for an infinite period of time.”

Sobey integrates painting with drawing, and figuration with abstraction.  His mark making is intended to portray certain feelings or thoughts.  The work is therefore quite personal, depicting the artist’s own views of the world around him.

The combination of colour and unnatural scale has produced an unusual body of work that is intriguing, poetic and sometimes playful.  The viewer can construct his/her own narrative, but the images are also a window into the artist’s mind.