1 July – 17 July 2010: Constellation: A Durational Chamber Work


Constellation: A Durational Chamber Work

Created by Madeleine Flynn and Tim Humphrey in collaboration with the artists

Commissioned works by: Ros Bandt Carolyn Connors Rohan Drape Madeleine Flynn Robin Fox Sebastian Harris Tim Humphrey Anita Hustas Neil Kelly Graeme Leak Kate Neal Wang Zheng Ting David Young

red gallery contemporary art space, new music network and Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Arts are proud to present this major exhibition of new sound works by a selection of Australia’s most innovative sound artists and composers. For this project, the creators Madeleine and Tim commissioned eleven composers to create new works, each responding to their year of birth in the Chinese Zodiac. The artists created a collection of objects, scores, instructions, installations and video which have been assembled into an interactive sound exhibition, a chamber orchestra of sound, with each commissioned piece becoming a fragment of the larger whole.

‘Constellation’ imagines entanglements of artistic connection and considers the interaction of people in the process of creation. The space is set like an emptied chamber orchestra with desks and a small grand piano. Each orchestral desk has a chair and music stand, representing each composer. When seated at the desks, visitors can access a recorded version of the work that each composer has written. Each listening station has an artefact associated in some way to the respective composer; for example a notated score, a modified controller, an instrument.

The compositions will be performed live in the gallery by Madeleine and Tim on piano, prepared piano, flugel, laptops, modified midi wind controller, toy piano and windup toy rabbit with two of the works including a number of the composers performing. These interruptions occur daily, accumulating over the entire period. On the first day, one piece is performed. By the last day, all pieces are performed. All performances are free of charge.

This project is supported by Arts Victoria, The New Music Network and Liquid Architecture Festival of Sound Arts 2010. For full Liquid Architecture program visit www.liquidarchitecture.org.au

Download a copy of the catalogue (1.2Mb)