05 April – 23 April: Clive Stratford – Shapeshifting


In a hard-edged abstractionist phase, mid-career artist Clive Stratford paints searingly sharp lines between his colour forms with fine sable brushes and pedantry – no artist’s tape allowed. Shapeshifting is a collection of contemporary varnished oil paintings in diamond and oblong shapes, adjacent expressionistic oil studies on cardboard.

Works that at first glance seems entirely non-objective, actually coolly depict urban settings Рand their windows, buildings, containers, skylines, et cetera.  

The gesture of wiping colour off the brushes artfully generates his smaller cardboard compositions. They juxtapose colours in a gestural, purposeful mess – a vigorous contrast to the Stratford’s pure minimalism. Shapeshifting¬†is a great demonstration of the myriad possibilities for abstract painting