02 May – 20 May: Beatrice Magalotti & Sharyn Madder – New Works


Opening Wednesday 2nd May, 6-8pm

Two long term friends and fellow artists, Beatrice Magalotti and Sharyn Madder are both profoundly informed by natural and built environments and the flora and fauna that respectively populate them.

Magalotti, an exhibiting artist for over sixteen years (and counting), works principally in sculpture and photography, crafting unlikely composites and material unisons. What emerges are forms that imply the organic, though are conversely embedded in method and the methodically considered . Recently Magalotti was a recipient of two distinguished sculpture prizes: the Yering Sculpture Prize 2017 for her bronze piece Norns, and the Annie Davison Oliver Award 2017 for her bronze sculpture Waiting.

Madder has worked as a free-lance illustrator and natural history artist for the Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum, the Gould League and Parks Victoria. Accordingly, she shares an intimate familiarity with the natural forms that populate her scenes, vistas and vignettes. Closely involved with the ‘Alphington Open Studios’ artists collective, Madder works intimately with place and locality.